Questions To Ask An Expungement Attorney

Questions to Ask an Expungement Attorney

It is vitally important to determine whether you qualify for expungement. Any lawyer with experience and qualifications should be able to inform you whether you are eligible for expungement of your case file number and specific case. It must be possible to determine if a case is one they can handle, even if you don’t have the file information.

What Percentage of Your Practice is Expungements?

The court can grant an expungement when a lawyer, specifically a criminal defense attorney, petitions the court. Expungements follow different rules and procedures during criminal proceedings while there is some overlap between the types of practices.

Due to their inexperience with the process, an attorney who is not specialized in expungements likely won’t be able to provide an adequate level of representation. Inexperienced attorneys cannot help get the case closed as quickly as lawyers who are familiar with the procedure.

Questions To Ask An Expungement Attorney

Why Should I Use an Expungement Attorney?

It is always important to consider the cost of your expungement lawyer when you are trying to determine the value of their services. Although it might seem like a great deal to you, if the service is inexpensive, that might not be the case. An experienced lawyer that handles expungements will outline the entire process and break down the costs, as many steps go into getting a case expunged, and they can be lengthier than other standard court processes.

Check with your lawyer about the steps he or she will provide for you, for example, if you choose an expungement lawyer. Would they draft the petition, would they send a memorandum of law, and which document(s) would they like to seal? You will have a better understanding of the value of their services once you know all of their services.

An Expungement Attorney

What is My Part in the Expungement Petition?

Most of the work is likely to be handled by a qualified expungement attorney. You are, however, required to contribute to the case. Your petition may require sufficient information, and your criminal record may even need to be obtained. You may need to follow different steps than you originally thought in some states due to different laws and statutes. You will get a successful outcome if you know what steps you need to take to be an active participant.

My Part In The Expungement Petition

Do You Need an Indiana Expungement?

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