How Long is The Expungement Process

How Long is The Expungement Process?

How Long is The Expungement Process?

If you are thinking about having your record sealed, you may be thinking, how long is the expungement process? Typically, the expungement process normally takes between two and three months.

If you are going before a municipal court, sometimes the expungement process will be a little faster, but if it’s a district court you are dealing with, two to three months is the standard amount of time it will take for the full expungement process. The expungement process could take a lot longer if you don’t have the help of an expungement attorney.

How Long is The Expungement Process

How Long Will the Expungement Process Take if I’m Denied?

It doesn’t matter how long the expungement process takes if you aren’t eligible for an expungement. If you aren’t eligible for an expungement, there may be another course of action, but that would depend on why you are ineligible.

If you aren’t eligible because of something simple, like waiting the statutory time period, then the remedy is simple, just wait until you are eligible. If you aren’t eligible for a more complex reason, you can always file for expungement again. If a judge denies your expungement request, you can literally file for expungement the next day.

The Expungement Process Doesn’t Take That Long

The expungement process doesn’t take that long, so if your request is denied, it’s best to wait a little while before you file again, so you have the chance to correct any insufficiencies that the judge mentioned to why your request was denied.

If you are trying to expunge a crime that is a felony or aggravated misdemeanor, you will definitely need the best expungement attorney Indianapolis has to offer. A good expungement attorney will have a relationship with the judge and district attorney, which will be a huge factor when the time comes to go before a judge.

Expungement Process

What Will Happen After the Expungement Process?

No matter how long the expungement process takes, it will all be worth it. If the judge grants your expungement within a day or two, your record will be clean, and you can freely pursue the opportunities that you were previously held back from. As long as the expungement process is done correctly, there won’t be anything on a criminal background check for a potential employer to see.

How Indianapolis Expungement Lawyers can Help Your Case

Indianapolis expungement lawyers have the experience and knowledge to help you get your background cleaned up. Don’t try to do this on your own. A judge will take into consideration what type of legal representation you have, and if you are not well versed in Indiana state law, you won’t represent yourself very well. Hiring a lawyer means more than just paying someone to file some paperwork.

Expungement Lawyers Can Help Your Case

You are essentially buying that attorney’s reputation and good standing with the judge and district attorney as well. Having a clean record so you can get a well-paying job can far outweigh the cost of an Indiana expungement lawyer. Take the steps today to start your life with a clean slate. If you want a free consultation for expungement in Indianapolis, call 317-434-6041 today.

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