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Indiana Expungement Attorney based in Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana. Indiana Expungement Help handles criminal matters in Indiana relating to felony law, including aggravated battery law, theft law, and other crimes. If you need an Indiana expungement lawyer, or expungement attorney, in Indiana, Indianapolis, Marion County, Hamilton County, Bloomington, or Carmel, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a free expungement consultation.

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Expungement is a legal procedure designed to destroy or remove from view all or part of the records of a case. Having a criminal record can make it difficult to land a job, find an apartment, and get a decent education. However, you may not need to live with the drawbacks of your criminal history forever.
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Expungement Services

Our Experienced Attorneys Can Help Expunge a Variety of Criminal Offenses

Some felony and misdemeanor offenses that can be expunged include:
• Petty theft
• Grand theft
• Possession of marijuana (or other controlled substances)
• Shoplifting
• Domestic Violence (DV)
• Assault, battery, assault with a deadly weapon
• Receiving stolen property
• Robbery
• Burglary
• Prostitution
• Indecent exposure

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Prepare the Expungement Petition

 As a part of your expungement petition, you will need copies of a number of records. An official criminal history record, a driver’s license, and court documents are a few examples of records that can be obtained. Our attorneys can gather these records and put together an official draft of your petition.

We Meet the Right Deadline

An expungement cannot be granted if the paperwork is filed too early. Expungements may take one to ten years to be granted depending on the type of conviction. The earlier you file, the more time and resources you will waste, unless a prosecution attorney consents.

We Fill Out the Appropriate Forms

Indiana has several different forms and filing procedures depending on the type of crime and the desired sealing or expungement process. To ensure the most efficient expungement process, our lawyers will file the correct forms in a timely manner on your behalf.

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The consequences of arrests, criminal charges, and convictions last a lifetime. So, even if you never received a criminal record, your record can haunt you years later when you go on to look for housing or apply for a job. Take advantage of working with an expungement attorney in Indiana at Indiana Expungement Help, we are here, and are ready to help! Fill out a contact form or call for an expungement today!

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