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Call for a free consultation! Although hiring an attorney is not necessary for vacation of convictions, there are significant benefits to having legal representation. It’s time to put your past behind you and gain access to employment and housing. It’s time to get an expungement in Indiana.

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Start with a Clean Slate

An official record of a past criminal conviction can be expunged if it is holding you back from living the life you desire. An Indiana criminal record can be expunged under certain circumstances. Getting the relief you deserve may require the help of an Indiana expungement attorney.


Clear Your Background

In general, an employer’s background check does not show records that have been expunged. A criminal conviction, arrest, or charge is effectively expunged and the public record is sealed or destroyed. In essence, an expunged record no longer exists.

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Why You Should Work to Clean Your Record

A criminal record can hinder career advancement. Criminal background checks are almost always run by employers. Having a criminal record also jeopardizes the ability to obtain professional licensing for many careers. Many people see cleaning their records as an essential step to advancing their careers. In addition, even for those who don’t have career concerns, it’s emotionally freeing to know they aren’t held accountable for the mistake they made in the past.

Indiana Expungement Service

Indiana Expungement Attorney

Your criminal record can have a crippling and far-reaching consequences long after you get out of prison or finish probation.

Receiving an arrest record or conviction expungement can open up job, education, and financial opportunities unavailable to individuals who must disclose criminal histories.

Consulting with an expungement attorney at Indiana Expungement Help before beginning the expungement process can help protect you against making mistakes, as well as ensure that you have a strong ally as you deal with a difficult process. To schedule a free expungement consultation, contact us today.

Move On

Anyone who has paid their debt to society should be allowed to go through life without the stigma of a criminal record.

Precise & Accurate

Each type of case requires filing different forms, meeting particular timelines, and presenting unique forms of evidence.

Access & Availability

Working with an expungement attorney, you know where you stand in the expungement process. In Indiana, you are only allowed one shot at a record expungement.

How To Find An Indiana Expungement Lawyer

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Indianapolis Expungement Lawyer

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Post Conviction Relief Indiana

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